Ep46 – Dirty Dancing + Gremlins

Get ready for some montages and mayhem, as we take a vacation trip to the Catskills, and Robbie the waiter is happy to see us. We reach into our Mysterious Media Void and take the arguable Dance Movie to Rule Them All, “Dirty Dancing,” and cross it over with that classic of Dark Scary Christmastime, “Gremlins!” Check us out on iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher for a conversation about shirtless men, life before Roe v. Wade, and Willy Loman are all discussed, and Walt getting Annie on board with the greatest Jerry Orbach pun ever.

Where to find this week’s pop culture (as of show date):

  • Dirty Dancing is streaming on Amazon Prime.
  • Gremlins is available to buy or rent via iTunes and Amazon.

Readers’ advisory, aka other stuff we like that we think you’ll like, too:

Got ideas on what sorts of cartoonish deaths the resort residents could suffer? Fan-art of the gremlin dancing the hula with Baby’s sister? Suggestions for future crossovers? Just want to say hi? Email us at crossoverappealpodcast@gmail.com, share your personal mogwai care and feeding tips at our Facebook page, and tweet us about all the places you would want to learn how to dance in a montage. Ratings and reviews give us the time of our lives, so please take a second to share!

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