Ep32 – Arsenic & Old Lace + The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s our second Halloween Spooktacular episode, featuring a (PG maximum) foray into seasonal and delightful fare of funny frights. Door-slamming farce leads to portal-opening trench-digging when the old-lady murdering of Arsenic & Old Lace crosses streams with the Christmas-culturally-appropriating Burton-ness of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Listen in on iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher–Teddy Roosevelt lets a bear live to tell its story, Monster Mash revelations are discussed, and our old friend Jimmy Stewart even stops by for a few.

A QUICK HEADS-UP: Our recording equipment got possessed (by the Oogie Boogie?) towards the end, so things end rather abruptly. Hopefully we can get an exorcist in here by the next recording session; we hear it’s their busy season.

Where you can find this pop culture (as of show date):

  • Arsenic & Old Lace is available for purchase or rental through Amazon and other outlets.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas is available to stream on Netflix.

Readers’ advisory, aka other stuff we like that we think you’ll like, too:

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