Ep49 – Pitch + Saga

We’re back from vacation, and ready to whip up another claymation animation that will never be complete! This week we’re mashing up the canceled-too-soon baseball series Pitch with the space-opera paper people of Saga, and no game of intergalactic spaceball sportsball is safe. Check us out on iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher for a conversation about the burdens of being a traiblazer while also trying to be normal, the wages of post-colonial interstellar war, and why it’s finally time to consign Rookie of the Year to the dustbin of history. Just remember: the true baseball has been inside you all along, and it’s gross.

Where to find this week’s pop culture (as of show date):

  • Pitch is currently streaming on Hulu
  • Saga is available at your local comics shop, or from comixology.com.

Readers’ advisory, aka other stuff we like that we think you’ll like, too:

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