Ep31 – The Land Before Time + Dick Tracy

Ep30 – The Land Before Time + Dick Tracy

Join us in the nuclear waste bubble that is the City, where the dinosaurs are adorable and the humans are monstrosities! This week, we’re mashing up the Don Bluth animated classic, The Land Before Time, and comic strip-inspired Warren Beatty passion project, Dick Tracy. Listen on iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher for a discussion of dinosaurs having two brains, crushing villains, the darkness of 90s movies for kids, and how Mad Max: Fury Road is the nexus point of all crossovers.

Heads up: things get real dark when discussing actress Judith Barsi, who voiced Ducky in The Land Before Time.

Where you can find this pop culture (as of show date):

  • The Land Before Time is available to stream on Netflix.
  • Dick Tracy is available to stream on Showtime.

Readers’ advisory, aka other stuff we like that we think you’ll like, too:

Dinosaurs you think could double as Dick Tracy villains? Other favorite Hollywood death trivia? Suggestions for future crossovers? Just want to say hi? Email us at crossoverappealpodcast@gmail.com, join our Facebook community to talk about how Carmen Sandiego is truly the greatest of trench-coated characters, and tweet at us about which adorable 90s moppet you most identified with. People who rate and review make us as happy as baby Little Foot smiling up at his family.

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