Ep50 – Bye Bye Birdie + The Sound and the Fury

Brace yourself for some misplaced nostalgia and mid-century Justin Biebers, because this week we’re mashing up classic Americana musical Bye Bye Birdie with perspective-bending classic novel The Sound and the Fury. We talk about the redundancy of this crossover in a world where Mad Men exists, why Brady Bunching it isn’t always the best solution to a crossover, and how much more expensive it’s gotten to do the show now that Annie’s cashed in her middle-school musical points and gone Equity. Check us out iTunesSoundcloud, and Stitcher for more content and fun discussions, but make sure to do it quick, before a meteor crashes into the city and kills everybody.

Where to find this week’s pop culture (as of show date):

Readers’ advisory, aka other stuff we like that we think you’ll like, too:

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